Let’s face it – it’s pretty sweet to be a dog or cat these days. For generations of pets before them, life was a handful of kibble each morning, a walk around the block, and a quick brush if their owner had a few extra minutes.

Today, pets are treated to fresh, farm-to-bowl meals, high-end doggy gyms, and luxury day spas. And if they just happen to strut into the dog park sporting a designer collar, that little splurge is a small price for their owner to pay for all the love they get in return.

For savvy entrepreneurs, investing in a pet-focused franchise is a lucrative move. Americans’ spending on their pets has skyrocketed, hitting $103.6 billion in 2020 with a projected growth of 5.8 percent over the next 12 months. On average, we spend $1,300 a year on our furry friends, but according to Rover.com, almost 50 percent of pet parents pay out $3,400 yearly on pet care.

With different investment levels available and demand for services rising, FranSelect can help you find the perfect franchise match, ensuring you’ll not only run with the big dogs, but stake your claim as the pack leader in your market.

How You Can Own a Pet Franchise

Our cats and dogs – along with birds, reptiles and rodents – are no longer considered just “pets,” but members of our families. And as with all our family members, we want them to live the best, healthiest life possible. 

As Steve King, president and CEO of the American Pet Products Association explained to Supermarket News, “Interestingly, the product trends we are seeing in the pet care community mirror those of consumers — a desire for a healthier lifestyle, increased focus on fitness, turning to supplements for improved well-being and technology playing a larger role in everyday life.”

Pet care companies are embracing these trends, which are reflected in franchise opportunities for their investors:

  • Day camps and indoor dog gyms – In 2020 alone, 20 percent of Americans adopted a pet during COVID-19. As they return to work, dog owners strive to ease their pet’s loneliness by ensuring they have other furry friends to play with during the day. Accordingly, the number of doggy day camps is expected to grow by $8 billion over the next three years.
  • Boarding and pet sitting – When pet owners head out of town, they want to be sure their pets are in the best hands. Many of the most successful boarding companies have transformed the traditional kennel into a hotel-like experience, complete with amenities like doggy pools and room service.
  • Pet bakeries and specialty markets – Boutiques specializing in natural and organic foods unavailable in big-box stores are poised for substantial growth. With some franchises offering sweet treats like pastries and pet birthday cakes, the investment is irresistible.
  • Pet grooming – After COVID-19 put a pause on in-person grooming, pet owners are ready to have Fido and Fluffy looking their best again. Salon and mobile grooming is expected to reach $3 billion by 2026 with a number of franchise-based companies dominating the market.
  • Pet retail boutiques – According to Pet Age magazine, pet humanization, also known as anthropomorphism, is driving pet parents to spoil their dogs and cats with high-end products and accessories just like they would with friends and family. Because of this, the pet accessory market will hit $41 billion by 2025, and specialty stores are capturing the lion’s share of the market.
  • Dog training – The unprecedented rise in pet adoptions along with pet owners’ busy schedules make dog training franchises one of the fastest growing investment opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some have surpassed their franchise sales goals for the past year because of the growing demand for services.
  • Pet Waste Services – Finally, we get to the one thing about pets that make their owners squirm. Pooper scooper businesses are cleaning up this year, experiencing a 20 percent growth since March 2020. Investors with a strong stomach and a dedication to their customers have a variety of franchise opportunities to choose from.

Franchise Opportunities for Pet Lovers

If you have a love of animals and a head for business, a pet care franchise offers you the chance to provide quality care to our furry friends and their human companions – all while capitalizing on a growing, recession-proof market.  To find an opportunity that aligns with your interests and your investment capacity, contact us at info@franselect.com or call 636-530-6925 to schedule free consultation time to discuss your pet-focused future.