With 360 degrees of Franchise experience, we’re uniquely positioned to help you find the perfect franchise.

“When I was working as a franchise owner, and later in franchise development, it occurred to me that someone thinking of buying a franchise is often tied up emotionally with the dream of owning their own business.”

~Dick Mueller, Founder & CEO
Fran Select

Helping You Find the Perfect Franchise

I have seen franchisees thrive, but I have also seen some of them fail. Through the years, I’ve discovered that the road to success begins long before the franchise  is purchased. There are lots of books, blogs and articles that provide information about choosing a franchise. But when it comes to making a life-changing decision, you need more than directions.

You need a personal franchise coach.

That’s why I founded FranSelect. With my expertise, I guide you through the steps you need to take to determine which franchise (if any) is right for you.

About Dick Mueller, Founder of FranSelect

My processes  and insights for helping people find the perfect franchise have been honed over time through years of experience working with hundreds of potential franchise owners to make an informed decision. As a franchise owner, franchise partner and developer for three national franchise brands, I’ve come full circle and worked both on the buying and selling side of the transaction.


Small Business & Franchise Owner

The life of a small business owner can be equally rewarding and daunting. Only with first-hand experience can someone truly understand the road ahead and the skills and business experience necessary to successfully navigate it. As a former small business owner and franchise owner, I have worn all the hats of an entrepreneur and know exactly which skills are the most important for a profitable future.

Franchise Financial Partner

When your money is on the line, you quickly figure out which numbers are important and how to analyze them to predict success. As a franchise financial partner for many years, I have the experience to help you understand if you’re starting on a firm financial ground and the numbers you’ll need to hit to be profitable.

Franchise Development

With two decades in franchise development (including roles as Vice President and Director of Franchise Sales), I have helped hundreds of franchisees across the country.  I know exactly what franchisors are looking for and how the process works from their perspective. As a client, you’ll be privy to inside information that only comes with that kind of long-term experience.

The FranSelect Mission

My mission is to first help you understand the pros and cons of franchise ownership for YOU. Using my years of expertise on all sides of the franchise business, I guide you through a step-by-step evaluation process so you are fully informed and prepared to make a decision with confidence and excitement for the future.

Why FRANCHISEES work with FranSelect

Franchisees work with FranSelect because they know that we provide an objective assessment of their skills, talents, interests and motivation and will pinpoint the exact franchises that are the perfect match.


Why FRANCHISORS work with FranSelect

Franchisors work with FranSelect because they trust that we present qualified candidates to them who are right for their concept and match their franchise ownership qualifications.