During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents became their children’s full-time teachers, activity directors and sports coaches overnight – all while working from home. 

But as any mom or dad can tell you, it was exhausting.

Thankfully, child-related franchises continued to be on their side through it all, providing quality childcare when parents could head back into the office and offering enriching activities, from sports to music, to entertain and engage their little ones. As more parents return to work, the daycare industry alone is set to skyrocket to $520 billion in 2022. In addition, studies have found that when it comes to spending their child tax credits for 2021, many parents are prioritizing out-of-school learning opportunities to provide their children with experiences they may have missed out on during the pandemic.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s young at heart, investing in a child-related franchise is your chance to be a kid again while building a successful, recession-proof business and providing a much-needed service to families. 

The Wide Range of Child-Related Franchising

There are multiple benefits to owning a child-related franchise, from the joy of experiencing life through a child’s eyes to building relationships with the families you serve. From a business standpoint, the ever-present demand for child care ensures a steady stream of revenue – as one child ages out of your program, there’s a new family ready to take advantage of the activities you offer!

However, one of the greatest advantages is the variety of franchises available. Whether you’re a caregiver, an artist or a sports lover, there’s a franchise that meets your interests and allows you to share your talents with a new generation:

  • Daycares

    The need for quality daycare continues to rise – growing 4.3 percent in 2021 – and shows no signs of slowing down, especially since four out of five parents work outside the home. The right daycare franchise not only offers quality care parents can trust, but has a proven curriculum that ensures kids are school-ready come kindergarten time.

  • Indoor play centers

    Every child needs to burn off energy, and there’s no better place where they can wear themselves out than a play center! By offering everything from trampolines and laser tag to rope courses and bounce houses, you can help kids stay healthy and active. Plus, because play centers are ideal for birthday parties and field trips, you have an extra stream of income all year long.

  • Enrichment classes

    Even at an early age, kids discover interests and hobbies that spark joy. Enrichment activities outside of school build on their passions and help them grow their skills. There are franchises that offer classes in art, music, STEAM activities, coding and more.

  • Sports programs 

    Sports and fitness franchises can help kids boost their self-esteem on the court, on the field or in the pool. They also offer opportunities for socialization and promote teamwork every time a child comes to play. With the children’s fitness franchise market growing 6.6 percent this year and new businesses continually hitting the market, this is the perfect time for you to take your shot at starting your own business.

  • Salons and services

    Getting a haircut can be a little scary for newbies, but salon franchisers have discovered ways to take the fear out of that first trim and make the experience a fun one. Plus, with many offering service upgrades like manicures, spa treatments and ear piercing, kids can enjoy the same pampering their parents do, and franchise owners enjoy new avenues for growth.

  • Tutoring and education

    Because COVID-19 placed roadblocks in children’s education, the demand for tutoring services is expected to rise 5.7 percent over the next six years. Educational franchises can help children build on what they’re learning in school and set them on the path to success. While tutoring services assist when a student is struggling, they can also coach them on ACT and SAT prep, advance the skills they do have, and increase their confidence in the classroom.


Find Your Child Care Franchise

With the number of child-related franchises continuing to grow, there’s no better time than now to provide kids with incredible experiences they won’t find anywhere else. Start your adventure by speaking with the franchise consultants at FranSelect. We’ll help you discover all the current franchise opportunities available and find one that offers the fun your inner child wants and the return on investment the grown-up you hopes for. Contact us today at 636-530-6925 to schedule your consultation.