In the early 1800’s, long before the Golden Arches and Big Mac, Martha Matilda Harper pioneered a new way of doing business and changed the retail world forever.

Just three years after opening a salon where she sold her handcrafted natural hair tonic, this innovator and entrepreneur began permitting other female business owners to open their own salons under her brand, the Harper Method Hair Salon. While each salon was run by a woman trained in the “Harper
Method” of beauty, Harper helped franchisees build their businesses by supporting them with advertising and providing group insurance and other benefits. Eventually, Harper’s company included more than 500 franchises and a complete line of hair products.

While Harper’s approach to business opened the door for thousands of burgeoning entrepreneurs, women especially could finally take advantage of new opportunities that had previously been out of reach. Over the past decade, female-owned franchise businesses have increased 38 percent, and since 2020, 32 percent of all new franchises are owned by women.

Why more women are embracing franchising today

The rapid rise in female-owned franchises is accelerating year after year. Tired of the status quo in their current job roles and looking to launch their own businesses, women are taking the reins of their futures by investing in franchises that reflect their interests and goals. Just some of the benefits of franchising for women include:

  • Greater financial freedom – In today’s corporate world, women make 84 percent of what their male counterparts earn. When women run their own businesses, the profits come back to their pockets. On average, female franchisee owners make almost double what the average 45-yearold female employee does working full-time. Is it still less than what men earn? Yes, but the gap closes faster when women are in a leadership role.
  • More flexibility for their families – During the pandemic, more than 3.5 million mothers lost their jobs or left the workforce to care for their children. Now, as life slowly returns to our new normal, they don’t want to back step back into their old positions. Today, 78 percent of women want increased flexibility in their careers, and 56 percent are ready to make a career change. Franchising—especially home-based opportunities—allow women to better balance their home life while boosting their careers. And although franchise owners still work 40 hours or more a week, their schedules are more flexible than the traditional nine to five, which lowers their stress and improves their well-being.
  • A ready-made business – Franchising offers women the best of both worlds—the ability to use their talents and creativity to launch a business and the support to make it a success. When you’re the owner of your franchise, you have an entire team available to assist with marketing, operations, and branding. You no longer have to answer to a boss that doesn’t value your voice or struggle with a corporate structure that prevents you from advancing in your career. For a relatively small investment, you can build something that’s all yours.

Find your next career with a franchise business

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