If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but have never owned your own business, investing in a franchise offers you the opportunity to be your own boss without building a business from scratch. By partnering with a successful corporate entity, you have a safety net of branding, operations and marketing experts who can help you launch your new enterprise and take your local market by storm.

But, do you really know enough about franchise systems, processes, and contracts to make an informed investment?  What if you had the support of a business expert who could guide you on your franchise journey from day one? Who could point you in the right direction long before you ever submit an application or invest a single dollar? And most important, one who would help you determine if the concept you choose is a perfect match – avoiding a pricy mistake. 

If you’re ready to test the franchise waters, your first call should be to a Franchise Advisor. With more than 3,000 franchise brands and 70+ business classifications to explore, the franchise Advisor can help you narrow down your prospects and land on one that meets your interests, financial investment level and will accomplish your long-term lifestyle goals. 

What is a Franchise Advisor – And Why Don’t More Entrepreneurs Use Them?

A franchise advisor serves as a matchmaker between franchisor and franchisee. While paid by brands to identify qualified candidates who can help them expand into new markets, a Franchise Advisor advocates for the franchisee. The right advisor will get to know you on a personal and professional level to understand your strengths and challenges. From there, they can identify franchise options that align with your goals and break down the pros and cons of each. 

While partnering with a Franchise Advisor helps business-owners-to-be avoid unexpected and expensive surprises, few entrepreneurs reach out for assistance often because they don’t know the service is available. Franchisors, especially those with recognizable brand names, have the marketing budget to target potential franchisees and make it simple to connect online so there’s no identifiable need for a third party. However, without a guide by your side, you won’t know if you found your ideal fit until you’ve invested your time and money.

How A Franchise Advisor Can Get You on the Right Track

Experienced franchise advisors – in particular, those who have been franchisees themselves and have built a rich network of connectionsare an invaluable resource for those new to the market. By partnering with an advisor who has your best interests in mind, you can take advantage of benefits critical to your success as a business owner:

  • A wealth of concepts to choose from – A franchise advisor will educate you on a variety of franchises available – not just the national brands you’re familiar with – but also promising up-and-comers where you get in on the ground floor just as they’re about to take off. With a wider view of the market, you can spot an opportunity you never knew was available.
  • Unbiased guidance when you need it most – The right franchise advisor is more than an intermediary between you and a franchisor. They should be your advocate, providing frank, objective feedback on each franchise you’re considering. In addition, by helping you gain perspective on your strengths and limitations, wants, and needs, you can feel adequately prepared to take the leap into an exciting new venture.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to explore your dream of owning your own business, the first step is to connect with a Franchise Advisor at.Franselect.com and complete the online Franchise Selection Tool or call 636-530-6925 to schedule a free consultation.